I am Lingyan He, a front-end web designer and Drupal themer.

I came to the United States back in 2006 to pursue my Master's Degree in Digital Design. Soon afterwards I was hired as a web designer and discovered front-end development and Drupal. Eight years later I can say that it is true, "Love what you do, and you'll do it well".

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Osteoarthritis Research Society International

Website for an international medical society with a responsive design using Drupal 7 CMS.

  • Develop wireframes
  • Use mobile first design solution
  • Customize Drupal theming

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Wireframes are an integral part of the design process and allow the space to ideate through a variety of design scenarios and challenges. In my process, I develop wireframes that are conceived and built from a content-out, mobile-first approach using Drupal best practices.

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Responsive Design

Modern websites are viewed on a variety of devices and the Desktop is slowly becoming the exception rather than the rule. I have been practicing Responsive Design for over two years and have developed an approach that follows best coding practices and is attractive, effective, and practical.

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Front-End Development

I have focused my skills on Front-End Development and implement sophisticated techniques to make websites that use the latest technologies but without the need for elaborate setup time. I do this by leveraging pre-processors and task runners, libraries and frameworks when necessary, and writing good clean code.

Babysafety Zone

Consumer-based website advocating for baby safety. I created style tiles, wireframes and design mockups in multiple versions and iterated to the final design. My design for this project used bold colors, including gender-based pink and blue, while retaining a modern feel.

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  • babysafetyzone site screenshot
  • babysafetyzone site screenshot

Other work samples


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American Transplant Congress Website

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